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You Know You Are a Mountain Biker When?

By George Ihugo December 10, 2019 0 comments

Check Out These 32 Signs!

It takes a special person to really enjoy the world of mountain biking. When you are out riding on the trail all day and people are sitting home watching television, they might not understand the world of excitement, thrills and chills they are missing out on.

Well, if you are unsure if you are a true mountain biker, here are 32 signs that you have entered this exclusive group.

You Know You Are A Mountain Biker When…

1.    You’ve given a nickname to your bike.
2.    You have more pictures of your bike than yourself.
3.    You bring your bike inside your tent, camper or home.
4.    You own more mountain bike shoes than regular shoes.
5.    You start classifying sunny days as riding days but you have no problem riding in freezing weather as well.
6.    You start examining every bike you pass on the road while driving.
7.    Your hands are much tanner than the rest of your body.
8.    Your calves and quads are huge.
9.    You plan trips based around the best trails.
10.  You lose track of time when biking.
11.  You get up early to go for a ride, but wake up late every other day.
12.  You cringe going up a hill in your car thinking of how you would tackle the hill on your bike.
13.  You download every app under the sun to calculate your riding distance and map your next ride.
14.  You don’t have enough money for an oil change, but you have the money to replace your bike tires.
15.  You start riding your mountain bike to work and ditch your car.
16.  You start judging the price of items based on the price of bike parts you want to buy.
17.  You never notice your spouse’s new haircut or style but you always notice a change on a friend’s bike.
18.  You can name every animal in your local park.
19.  You carry a bike pump in your trunk.
20.  Your pantry is filled with protein or nutrition bars.
21.  You spend more money buying bike jerseys than you do buying clothes.
22.  For women: You haven’t worn a skirt or dress in months just in case you plan on going for a ride that day.
23.  You choose a house or hotel that is next to a favorite bike trail.
24.  Your dresser drawers are filled with arm warmers.
25.  You have had your bike in your bedroom during bad weather.
26.  You have been saving for your next mountain bike for over a year.
27.  You only have cycling socks in your drawers.
28.  Your local bike shop knows you by name.
29.  You take off of work the first week of spring to hit your favorite trail.
30.  You go to the bike shop just to demo the latest model.
31.  You will only buy a car if it has a bike rack or adequate trunk space just for your bike.
32.  You spend all your time online looking at mountain biking pictures and reading articles like this one 

Do you have any other signs you can add to our list? Feel free to do so in the comment section below!

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