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We Both Can Share the Trail

By George Ihugo December 10, 2019 0 comments

Initially when electric bicycles started hitting the marketplace there was resistance from cyclists who felt that the bike was in some way cheapening the sport that they love. Surprisingly, there was even a backlash from some environmentalists who felt that the bike is the perfect eco-friendly mode of transportation and did not need to be tampered with, especially by putting a battery on the bike.

In both cases, the above parties can be called purists of their sport or respective cause. With electric bikes being part of the growing revolution of green transportation, the avid cyclist and the environmentalist will see that the electric bike is neither a hindrance to their sport or instrument of environmental degradation but rather an instrument to grow their beloved sport and protect the environment.

Cycling is one of the worlds oldest and most loved sports for professionals, amateurs and everybody in between. Cycling has long been considered a great family outing activity and will for years to come. Avid cyclists love the challenge of pushing themselves to new heights and the feel of accomplishment that comes with reaching new challenges such as climbing the biggest hill in town.

There are concerns among the avid cyclists that the amateur cyclist, especially if equipped with an electric bicycle, will clog up the roads and trails and not follow the proper rules of the road. This is a legitimate concern and those considering purchasing an electric bicycle need to be familiar with the rules of the road.

The electric bicycle is a new adaptation of the sport, but in essence it still accomplishes many of the same goals that a regular bicycle accomplishes; having families spend time outdoors, exercise, and an alternate mode of transportation.

The electric bicycle is not a threat to the standard bicycle because the purists will always keep the cycling tradition alive. The electric bicycle is a great for all cyclists because the more cyclists that there are out there, the larger the cycling community will become and that is great for all cyclists.

The concern among the environmentalists about modifying the bicycle, what is considered by some as the perfect form of travel in terms of no emissions in operation as well as being fairly easy on the environment during production is completely understandable.

The main thing that needs to be understood when it comes to electric bikes, is that they are geared for many different types of people including people who are looking for an alternate form of transportation to work instead of driving.

Other people that electric bicycles are geared and marketed for are people that have lost some of their mobility and instead of driving around, they would prefer the assistance that is produced with the electric bike as well as college students who cannot afford cars and live a semi-long distance to their campus and want a flexible means of transportation to school besides the bus for example.

Electric bicycles are charged in a home and do use energy that comes from the grid but the electric bike is often replacing a vehicle on the road that gets its energy from an oil refinery. In countries such as China, it can already be seen that electric bicycles are replacing motorcycles on a large scale which leads to less pollution entering the air through vehicle emissions. Nothing is perfect, but the electric bicycle is a friend to planet earth and the environmental movement.

The main point being made is that though electric bicycles and standard bicycles have their differences, they have far more in common than a bicycle and an automobile and therefore belong in the same community and ultimately the same trail. From young to old, cycling is here to stay and the electric bicycle opens up this wonderful world of cycling to more people while helping the environment.

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