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Safe Cycling Tips

By George Ihugo December 10, 2019 0 comments

Cycling can be an enjoyable pastime. It can also be a great way to beat the congestion on your way to work or school, and keeps you fit and saves money. Following a few simple road safety rules can keep you out of trouble, and help keep you and your bike safe on the roads.

Riding Tips

* Know the cyclists highway code
* More usefully, read Cycle Craft by John Franklin. This guide shows you how to ride a bike confidently and safely in today's traffic conditions. It is the basis for the National Cycle Training Standard syllabus.
* Or consider getting some cycle training, which meets the National Cycle Training Standard syllabus. The old-fashioned Cycling Proficiency Test is not enough - the NCTS is tailored to modern needs.
* How to not get hit by cars!!
* Where possible choose a route that you can cope with. You may wish to avoid busy roads and junctions. On cycle paths be aware of pedestrians, especially the elderly and the very young.

* Be aware of your surroundings by looking and listening. Always give clear signals for your safety and for that of others.

* Always look behind you for other vehicles before turning and changing direction and signal clearly by sticking out your arm wide on the direction you are about to travel.

* Never go through red traffic lights, and think carefully about then to go through an amber signal.

* Avoid undertaking large vehicles particularly at junctions as you may find them turning into you, or the space between you and them narrowing suddenly. Long vehicles turning left may swing to the right first.

* Never cycle after heavy drinking or taking drugs.Being Seen

* Make sure lights and reflectors are kept clean and in good working order.

* At night, use lit front and rear lights and has an efficient red rear reflector. Wear something that is light colored, reflective or fluorescent to be seen by other road users.

Maintenance and protection

* Keep you bike in good working order: regularly checking brakes; keeping the saddle and handlebars properly adjusted; making sure gears and chains are working properly and are oiled; checking tyres are in good condition and inflated to the correct pressure.

* Wearing cycle helmets.

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