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Best Bicycle Helmets

By George Ihugo December 10, 2019 0 comments

Many people take up cycling as a hobby as a way of exercising and keeping fit. But, there are also people who do it just for the fun of it. A good ride around town can be a truly enjoyable experience, especially if you do it together with other people. To stay safe while riding your bike, you should wear protective cycling gear. This will protect you against injuries when accidents happen.

The bike helmet is indispensable for the cyclist. It keeps your head safe and protected against shocks and falls. If you don’t take the matter seriously, a mild accident could result in serious damage. In this resource, we review the best bicycle helmets that are attractive and protective as well.

Reverb Helmet by Giro

Giro is a reputable brand in the bicycle helmet market. They have many high quality helmets on sale. The Reverb Helmet is one outstanding item in their line of bike helmets. Made of tough polycarbonate, the shell of this helmet is durable and shock-resistant. It is likely to chip or dent due to falls and shocks. Nine ventilation slots cover its surface to let cooling airflow through. The moisture winking inside the Reverb Helmet is great for absorbing sweat and keeping the interior nicely dry. It also features an Auto Loc system to ensure that it fits perfectly well on the cyclist’s head. To protect your eyes against sunrays, a snap-on visor is included in the package. For comfy riding, the helmet comes with padded chin straps.Click Here to Get the Current Price on

Bell Volt Bicycle Helmet

Professional cyclists and hobbyists alike can use the Bell Volt helmet. Weighing only 1 pound, this helmet feels like a feather on your head. You will even forget that you have it on. The variety of sizes and colors available makes this helmet a good choice for any bicycle rider regardless of his age or sex. You can choose from a collection of 20 different colors.

To keep the head of the cyclist cool, vent slots are found on the shell of the helmet. It is also designed to fit on most heads with ease. The extra padded interior of the Bell Volt helmet makes it even more comfortable to wear for long rides.Click here to get the current price on!

Uvex Urban Bike Helmet

Considered as one of the top bicycle helmets by some reviewers, the Uvex Urban helmet is a great choice for adult male cyclists. Behind the lightweight feel of this helmet lies a sturdy and durable shell that offers total protection for you. The 15 ventilation slots on this helmet circulate the air around the head to keep cool and moisture-free. The padding inside has a comfortable feel on your head. The exterior part of the helmet is tender and soft too. The Uvex Urban is available in two colors, grey and black.Click here to get the current price on!

Specialized Echelon

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In regular bike helmets, you will typically find two sliders which fall just below the ears. They are used to adjust the straps for a perfect fit. The Echelon, however, has a different fitting setup which is superior and more user-friendly. The strap can be adjusted right below your chin with no fiddling. There are designs and color choices that fit both men and women. What makes the Specialized Echelon stand out from other bicycle helmets is the many certifications it received for its safety and compliance to accepted standards.

Giro Indicator Sport Helmet

If your major concern is sturdiness and durability, you may want to consider the Indicator Sport Helmet from Giro. Built for tough use, this helmet can endure shocks and falls without denting or chipping. In addition to its strong and tough build, this helmet looks great and attractive on your head. The ventilation system allows free air circulation around the head as you ride. The impact-absorbing EPS liner inside the polycarbonate shell delivers maximum protection for the rider’s head in case of accidents and falls. With a weight of less than a pound, this cycling gear is an incredible pick for any cyclist.Click here to get the current price on!

Schwinn Thrasher Micro Bicycle Helmet

Equipped with an easily adjustable webbing strap, this Schwinn helmet is one of the best bicycle helmets for adults. Moisture winking keeps the interior of the helmet dry and eliminates moisture. The Dual Fit system that Schwinn included in the Thrasher renders it more flexible and easy to fit on the head. The 21 ventilation holes prevent heat from building up and keep the head cool. The removable visor supplies shading for the eyes and reduces the effect of strong sunshine.Click here to get the current price on!

Giro Stutton

This traditional-looking helmet from Giro is a good choice for the commuter whose cycling is mostly around town. The well-though ventilation system of Giro Stutton makes use of the visor to let more air through the helmet channels. It is also comfortable to wear.Click here to get the current price on!

Catlike 2014 Whisper Road Cycling Helmets

This MPS EVO helmet is designed to fit nicely on the head and feel comfortable to wear. The adjustable straps of the helmet makes it a good fit for most adults. The high quality of the Whisper Road helmet and the fine materials it is made of makes it a great option for both professional cycling and leisurely rides.Click here to get the current price on!

Bell Sequence Bicycle Mountain Helmet

This lightweight bike helmet is very convenient, especially for mountain cycling. Considered by some reviewers as one of the best bike mountain helmets, this cycling gear features a stylish look, total safety and great comfort. The snap-on visor on the front prevents blinding and blocks away harmful sun rays. Ventilation is provided thanks to the 20 vent holes. This helmet is available in twenty different colors. All in all, it is one of the best helmets for cycling.Click here to get the current price on!

Giro Savant

This cool bike helmet is built to fit most bicycle riders. The cool and stylish look of the Giro Savant makes it a popular choice for many people. Compared to other helmets, this one looks slimmer on your head. Some people complained that the strap adjusters dug into the face when set to the right fit. Strap fiddling aside, this helmet is adored by many cyclists.Click here to get the current price on!

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